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Interpret ECGs in under 10 seconds

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Cardiovascular Center OLV Aalst
Ministri of health of the Slovak Republic
Rabin medical center Beilinson
Universita Degli Studi di Turino
The National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases
Johner Institut

World’s first AI-powered learning platform for ECG Digitization, Analysis and Patient Management

PMcardio-edu is an AI-powered tool harnessing knowledge from millions of previous cases to train you in ECG interpretation, patient management and treatment options.

1. ECG Digitization

1. ECG Digitization

Using Image Recognition, PMcardio-edu can digitize pictures of paperform ECG recordings from any device, while also being compatible with digital ECG formats.

2. Data Collection

2. Data Collection

By entering the reason for the ECG examination and basic information about the patient, we can better evaluate the ECG.

3. AI Interpretation

3. AI Interpretation

Using Machine Learning algorithms, PMcardio-edu can indicate up to 60 different cardiac diseases, surpassing recent scientific papers published in relevant medical journals1.

1 Zachi I Attias, MS et al. (2019). The Lancet; Antône H. Rbeiro et al. (2020). Nature Communications.

4. Follow-up Questions

4. Follow-up Questions

Based on the AI-powered diagnosis and using the European Society of Cardiology guidelines and experts’ opinions, PMcardio-edu will ask you follow-up questions.

5. Management Recommendations

5. Management Recommendations

Combining the ECG diagnosis and the clinical questions, our engine generates patient management and treatment recommendations to teach you the ideal course of action for the cardiac scenario under consideration.

6. Sharing & Collaboration

6. Sharing & Collaboration

Share your sample reports simply and securely within the platform with peers and specialists to collaborate, discuss and learn from case studies together.

Tackling the number one cause of death worldwide

Bed of patient 6 million new annual CVD cases1
coffin 1.8 million annual CVD deaths1
wallet €210 billion total costs
(healthcare + indirect)1
calendar 6 months avg. wait time for specialized cardiologists2
hospital 40% over-referral rate from GP clinics2
doctor Shortage of 1 million health workers3

1 European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2017. European Heart Network
2 Powerful Medical partners from healthcare sector / Insurance partners / Internal partner data
3 Health-EU newsletter 250 - Focus. European Commission

Precise, secure, integrated – everywhere.

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Maximum compatibility

Available to any physician and health professional with a smartphone & compatible with all ECG devices and existing infrastructure.

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Highly secure

Compliant with all GDPR and patient privacy regulations, secured by industry-standard encryption techniques.

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Unmatched precision

Tested on large datasets, cross-validated by some of the world’s top cardiologists.

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Remote consultation

PMcardio-edu allows users to share data simply and securely within a single platform – anytime, anywhere.

“PMcardio-edu is better than any other platform we’ve played with.”

Dr. Martin Friedmann, General Practitioner

“Without doubt the best medical app available at the moment! PMcardio-edu genuinely has improved my ability as a trainee doctor”

Philip Gaulin, Medical student

“This App can literally be a Life Saver!”

Susan Mohan, Paramedic
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