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Life-saving clinical assistant

An AI-powered platform for improved detection and management of cardiovascular diseases

Reliable medical treatment

Reliable medical treatment

Personalized treatment plans based on the latest clinical practice guidelines ensure competent decision making in primary care.

We plan to support physicians in both diagnostic and treatment processes of more than 30 different cardiovascular diseases.

Digital patient history

Efficient patient management

PMcardio connects general practitioners or other non-cardiologists with specialized cardiologists all within the initial patient visit.

This integrated care approach promotes early disease detection and immediate beginning of adequate treatment.

Reliable medical treatment

Revolutionizing primary care

Our platform saves time, lowers cost and reduces human error, while delivering the best quality of care to every patient.

Compatible with any ECG device, PMcardio can be immediately deployed in any healthcare environment without upgrading existing infrastructure.

Cardiovascular center Aalst, Belgium.
Rabin Medical Center.
University of Turin.
Union zdravotná poisťovňa.
Ministry of Health in Slovak Republic.
The national institute of cardiovascular diseases in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Slovak society of Cardiology.
STEMI Global.
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