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Powerful Medical opening branch in Israel

1 June, 2021
1 min read

Over the past months, we have significantly strengthened our collaboration on numerous projects with our Israeli partners, such as Rabin Medical Center and Tel Aviv Medical Center, culminating in the incorporation of our Israeli subsidiary with an office on the 16th floor of the latter. We’re right in the center of all medical action and innovation, with access to local medical data to further improve the performance of our AI algorithms!

Israel is considered to be the “factory of unicorns” or “the Silicon Valley of the Middle East”, with startups such as WeWork, Waze, eToro and Fiverr originating from here.

Most tech giants have AI R&D labs in the region, giving us access to top talent, funding and technical resources.

Pictured are (from left to right): Roy Ramon (Chairman of the Board), Martin Herman (CEO) and Dr. Leor Perl (Chairman of the Scientific Board).

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