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Powerful Medical is a deep-tech company, tackling the most challenging opportunities of modern medicine and creating a superior patient experience. We empower doctors with expertise from millions of previous cases to give patients the most reliable diagnosis and treatment.

We believe that the transition from purely human-made clinical decisions to decisions augmented by Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important shifts in modern medicine and constitutes a turning point that needs to happen now.

Since the early 21st century, clinical decision making has been led by the concept of evidence based medicine, with clinical practice guidelines representing the highest level of research evidence and quality. They comprise disease-specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations, however they are also difficult for doctors to keep up with, as they are frequently updated by the latest clinical research and relevant studies.

At Powerful Medical, we’re developing tools for doctors and healthcare providers to efficiently implement and utilise these medical advancements in their clinical processes.


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Powerful Medical launches ‘PMcardio-1’ – a clinical trial under the new EU MDR


Get your first ECG scan right!


Martin Herman receives Crystal Wing Award

Cardiovascular center Aalst, Belgium.
Rabin Medical Center.
University of Turin.
Union zdravotná poisťovňa.
Ministry of Health in Slovak Republic.
The national institute of cardiovascular diseases in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Slovak society of Cardiology.
STEMI Global.
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