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19. January 2023

Introducing: PMcardio ECG diagnostic reports

At Powerful Medical, our mission is to innovate healthcare through cutting-edge technology. In this spirit, we have developed our AI-powered smartphone application PMcardio.

PMcardio is here to assist medical professionals in diagnosing and treating heart diseases more accurately and efficiently. To bring you as much value from PMcardio as possible, our app includes professional ECG diagnostic reporting on par with reports provided by external on-demand ECG interpretation or e-consultation services.

Compared to these third-party services, PMcardio reports have three main advantages.

  • They are readily available in your phone – no need to wait for external ECG interpretation; you’ll receive an ECG report instantly.
  • They include guideline-adherent treatment recommendations.
  • They are cheaper than ECG interpretation services while providing more value.

Thanks to powerful AI technology benchmarked against clinicians, PMcardio ECG reports have superior diagnostic performance. In a globally representative test set, PMcardio has demonstrated an average of 38.18% improved detection of all 38 tested ECG diagnoses compared to general practitioners and achieved non-inferior performance to cardiologists.

Let us now take you through the process of creating a professional ECG report using PMcardio.

How to create an ECG diagnostic report in PMcardio?

1. Simply take a photo of an ECG* with your phone and PMcardio will digitize it and interpret it within seconds.

*PMcardio can interpret any 12-lead ECG, regardless of its quality or input source – may it be an old paper ECG strip or an ECG sent to you by your colleague via email.

An image of PMcardio app showing the screen during digitizing an ECG

2. PMcardio will then prompt you to input basic patient information and answer questions regarding the patient’s history.

An screenshot of the PMcardio app in a phone mockup with patient history questions being displayed on the screen

3. After you enter all the data, PMcardio will create a detailed ECG diagnostic report along with personalized treatment recommendations to help you take the ideal course of action.

An image of PMcardio app showing the screen during generating an ECG diagnostic report

And that’s it! Your ECG report is ready. Here’s a sample ECG report created in PMcardio:

A sample ECG diagnostic report created in PMcardio

You can now export, save, or share it.

PMcardio also provides a secure, GDPR-compliant chat function through which you can securely share and discuss the ECG reports with your colleagues or other healthcare professionals.

This is the information that you will find in a PMcardio diagnostic ECG report:

  • Basic patient information
  • Severity report: Patient triage, based on the traffic-light risk rating system for ECGs
  • Confidence: How certain the AI diagnostics are
  • Detailed AI-powered diagnostics with detected diagnoses
  • Patient management recommendation based on general practice guidelines
  • Patient history with gathered clinical parameters

The file with the diagnostic report also includes your digitized 12-lead ECG.

Using image recognition, the artificial intelligence technology of PMcardio reconstructs it into a fully digital waveform, providing top-notch quality ECG tracing.

An image of an old, poor-quality ECG versus a digitized, straightened out ECG image enhanced by PMcardio
Even if your original ECG is barely legible, PMcardio’s artificial intelligence can digitize and interpret it.

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Get more than just an ECG diagnostic report.

PMcardio ECG reports also include treatment recommendations based on elaborate decision trees designed in-house according to the official ESC treatment guidelines.

These recommendations suggest the best course of action to undertake and help you make quicker patient management decisions.

Given that the medical guidelines change regularly and the fact that they’re quite extensive, it’s a great way for physicians to ensure they’re always adherent to the most up-to-date guidelines. Not to mention the amount of time saved!

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Have all your reports safely stored in a digital archive.

PMcardio provides a secure way to store your ECG reports. The app allows you to access and view your digitized records anytime easily, all in one place.

No more worrying about misplacing physical copies or struggling to organize multiple documents. With PMcardio, you can have everything conveniently stored and easily accessible and searchable in a digital archive.

Powerful Medical

Powerful Medical leads one of the most important shifts in modern medicine by augmenting human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.
Powerful Medical leads one of the most important shifts in modern medicine by augmenting human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.
About PMcardio:

PMcardio is the market leader in AI-powered diagnostics, addressing the world’s leading cause of death – cardiovascular diseases. The innovative clinical assistant empowers healthcare professionals to detect up to 40 cardiovascular diseases. In the form of a smartphone application, the certified Class IIb medical device interprets any 12-lead ECG image in under 5 seconds to provide accurate diagnoses and individualized treatment recommendations tailored to each patient.

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