PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation

AI-powered ECG interpretation

Ensure a uniform standard of diagnostic expertise across your hospital, providing consistent and superior quality care for all patients.

Join thousands of healthcare professionals who trust PMcardio.

Instant cardiovascular diagnostics

Diagnose cardiac conditions with confidence and high accuracy

Reliable ECG interpretation using AI

PMcardio accurately diagnoses cardiovascular conditions from any 12-lead ECG under 5 seconds.

Enhance clinical decision-making

Leverage PMcardio to improve diagnostic accuracy, enabling rapid, confident assessments and streamlined workflows in patient care, all while adhering to the highest standards of quality


ECG reports

PMcardio ensures uniformity across your ECG database and makes interpretation easier for all healthcare professionals.

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PMcardio App

Digitization, diagnostics and treatment recommendation for your patients in one place.

PMcardio for Organizations

Rapid and precise OMI identification for streamlined referrals in your hospital.

Clinical validations

PMcardio models have been validated across diverse international patient cohorts.


Thanks to our system-wide compliance, PMcardio successfully attained third-party certifications.

PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation

Management of Atrial Fibrillation

Achieve better detection outcomes than those typically observed in general practice. Use the PMcardio for Individuals’ traffic light system for efficient patient triage, ensuring timely referrals to specialized care.

higher sensitivity
compared to current standard of care
faster diagnosis compared to the STEMI criteria
PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation

Detect occlusion myocardial infarction from the ECG

The PMcardio OMI AI model represents a new paradigm in the classification of acute myocardial infarctions, offering a more precise method to detect subtle acute coronary occlusions using a standard 12-lead ECG. This allows for prompt and critical access to appropriate care for the relevant patient demographic

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PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation

PMcardio for Individuals

Certified as a Class IIb Medical Device available as a smartphone app.

PMcardio for Organizations

Detect acute coronary occlusions even before angiographic evidence.


Convert any image of a 12-lead ECG into a digital waveform.


Integrate PMcardio API into your existing hospital systems.

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Industry-leading data security

Certifications & security

PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation
Regulatory Agency
PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation
Medical Device Class IIb
PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation
PMcardio: AI-Powered ECG Interpretation
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