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We support physicians with the diagnosis and personalized treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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Interpret ECGs in under 10 seconds

PMcardio-edu is an AI-powered tool harnessing knowledge from millions of previous cases to train you in ECG interpretation, patient management and treatment options.

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Cardiovascular center Aalst, Belgium.
Rabin Medical Center.
University of Turin.
Union zdravotná poisťovňa.
Ministry of Health in Slovak Republic.
The national institute of cardiovascular diseases in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Slovak society of Cardiology.
STEMI Global.

Our technology

Deep dive into our technology
Table of triage classes based on severity of electrocardiogram.

Diagnosis and Triage

In collaboration with world-class physicians, we are developing deep learning neural networks to accurately diagnose cardiovascular diseases in real-time.

Our algorithms provide advanced insights including, important measurement assessment, suggestion of priority for admission and risk prediction.

12.5m ECG
Used for training
Personalized treatment plan with guideline recommendations drugs and dosages.

Personalized treatment plans

Based on patient parameters, our engine generates treatment recommendations conforming to the latest clinical practice guidelines.

The personalized treatment plan contains procedures and drugs including the latest interactions, dosages, and potential contraindications.

Scanning and digitizing of paper-form electrocardiogram on white ipad.

Digital patient history

Our full-fledged digitization system converts paper-form electrocardiograms into digital waveforms with highest levels of precision.

Standardized patient history forms ensure the collection of all relevant parameters for competent therapeutic decision making.


A powerful system
Maximum compatibility

Maximum compatibility

Adaptable to any hospital infrastructure, requiring no expensive hardware updates.

Unmatched precision

Unmatched precision

Trained on millions of previous cases, outperforming best published research.


Unique innovation

Revolutionary technology, supporting both diagnostic and treatment processes.


Physician driven

Designed by medical experts, addressing most relevant clinical needs.

Highly secure

Highly secure

Reliable cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring patient data privacy.

Guideline compliant

Guideline compliant

Personalized treatment recommendations, conforming to latest medical evidence.

Blue diagram of API showing integration possibilities of Powerful Medical products.

Opportunities to integrate

A multi-modality toolkit for physicians, using a robust and scalable API we can integrate our technology into any infrastructure.

All modules of our software can be either packaged into a standalone system or provided as a service to hospital systems or device manufactures.

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Medannot, a web-based medical imaging data platform with AI-powered diagnostics and annotation.

Expanding our diagnostic capabilities

With our subsidiary Medannot, we are getting ready to include medical imaging data (CT, MRI, angiograms and ultrasounds) as new input sources for our diagnostic AIs.

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