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Life-saving AI-powered
clinical assistant

We support doctors with the diagnosis and personalized treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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Blue chrome 3D model of heart.
“With Artificial Intelligence your physician has the knowledge of a full team of specialists at his fingertips.”

How it works

Our clinical assistant in action
Powerful Medical’s clinical assistant digitizing a photo electrocardiogram.


Our revolutionary algorithms analyze ECG recordings and provide a comprehensive diagnostic report.

Cardiovascular data collection form filled out by doctors.

Data Collection

Based on the diagnosis we generate a disease-specific data collection form, tailored to the patient.

Personalized treatment plan generated by Powerful Medical’s clinical assistant.


Our engine generates a personalized treatment plan, based on the latest clinical practice guidelines.


A powerful system
Target icon depicting the systems precision.


Trained and validated on millions of ECG recordings and patient histories.

Hexagonal shapes depicting the systems compatibility.


Adapting to any patient management system and ECG device type, both digital and paper-form.

Icon of an individual depicting personalization of the system.


Tailored treatment recommendations to the needs of individual patients.

Clock icon depicting the systems efficiency.


Streamlining the patient management processes we reduce diagnostic delay.

Piggy bank icon depicting cost saving.

Cost saving

Reduced number of unscheduled hospitalizations as well as treatment costs.

Scale icon depicting the systems security.


Following strict security practices to ensure patient data privacy.

Our products

Deep dive into our technology
Table of triage classes based on severity of electrocardiogram.

and Triage

In collaboration with world-class doctors, we are developing deep learning neural networks to accurately diagnose cardiovascular diseases in real-time.

Our algorithms provide important ECG measurements, classify recordings into risk groups, and suggest a priority for admission.

12.5m ECGs
Used for training
Personalized treatment plan with guideline recommendations drugs and dosages.

Treatment Recommendation

Based on patient parameters, our engine generates treatment recommendations conforming to the latest clinical practice guidelines.

The personalized treatment plan contains procedures and drugs including the latest interactions, dosages, and potential contraindications.

Scanning and digitizing of paper-form electrocardiogram on white ipad.

at the forefront

We are not constrained to digital data. Our image recognition algorithms can digitize paper-form ECGs from multiple device manufacturers and any era.

No expensive hardware upgrades are required to access all features of our technology.

Blue diagram of API showing integration possibilities of Powerful Medical products.

through API

While our clinical assistant is a standalone system, all features are also available through a robust and scalable API.

We provide ECG digitization, diagnosis, triage, and treatment recommendations as a service.

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Use cases

Opportunities to integrate
Blue stacked shapes depicting hospital systems.

Hospital systems and eHealth

Our technology is ready for integration with existing patient management systems, hospital information systems, and digital patient history cards.

Blue radio antenna transmitting waves.

Health insurance companies

We help insurance companies detect discrepancies in the treatment process, prescription of unnecessary medication, or overcharging by hospitals.

Blue apple watch with a heart on screen.

Device manufacturers

Device manufacturers can integrate our diagnostic algorithms within their products, such as wearables, implantable ECGs, holters, and telemedicine systems.

Medannot, a web-based medical imaging data platform with AI-powered diagnostics and annotation.

Expanding our diagnostic capabilities

With our subsidiary Medannot, we are getting ready to include medical imaging data (CT, MRI, angiograms and ultrasounds) as new input sources for our diagnostic AIs.

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Union zdravotná poisťovňa.
Cardiovascular center Aalst, Belgium.
Ministry of Health in Slovak Republic.
The national institute of cardiovascular diseases in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Slovak society of Cardiology.
STEMI Global.
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