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Deep Learning Specialist

Bratislava, Slovakia

Powerful Medical is bringing machine learning to the edge, developing new approaches to open questions in Cardiology. As a Deep Learning Specialist you would handle medical data of all forms, including high-dimensional image-like data, physiological signals, time-series and textual patient history, to tabular examination results. This wide spectrum of data needs to be understood, structured and used in a properly designed model, deployed in a self-explanatory way, so the doctors will understand the origin of the prediction.

Ideal candidate would have:

  • Proficiency in Python
  • Confidence with Git
  • Confidence with at least one deep learning framework (preferably Tensorflow and Keras)
  • Previous track record in creating production ready models
  • Experience with either of signal/sequence processing, computer vision, natural language processing (both in and out of the context of deep learning)
  • Comfortable with UNIX command line
  • Understanding of algorithms, data structures and statistics
  • Adaptability to new technologies when the need arises
  • Interest in medical area
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