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3. January 2024

2023: A Year of Milestones for Powerful Medical


Looking back at 2023, we’re pausing to reflect on a year that was defined by groundbreaking achievements, remarkable growth, and inspiring moments. A standout highlight of 2023 was the launch of the first-ever certified AI platform for ECG interpretation, a milestone that underlines our commitment to innovating in cardiovascular care. This journey through 2023 has truly been an extraordinary testament to this commitment. We are thrilled to share these significant milestones and celebrate our journey with our community.

🌟 Launch of PMcardio as a Certified Class IIb Medical Device

March 2023 marked a pivotal moment for us with the launch of PMcardio, our flagship AI-powered clinical assistant. This innovative tool has revolutionised the way healthcare professionals diagnose cardiovascular diseases, offering precision comparable to seasoned cardiologists. The certification as a Class IIb medical device is a testament to its precision, reliability and effectiveness.

👑  Release of the Revolutionary “Queen of Hearts” OMI AI Model

Introducing the “Queen of Hearts” OMI AI Model a major breakthrough in heart attack management, marked a key moment in cardiac care. This pioneering tool was developed to revolutionise occlusion myocardial infarction diagnostics, detecting heart attacks on average 3 hours faster and with twice the sensitivity compared to existing methods. Its significance is profound, especially considering that 30% of heart attacks are currently misdiagnosed, often due to limitations in standard STEMI criteria. The “Queen of Hearts” model not only enhances diagnostic accuracy but also empowers healthcare professionals to save more lives with its advanced, fast, precision-driven approach.

💡 PMcardio Digitize: Advancing Digitized ECG Solutions

Responding to our customers’ needs, we’ve launched PMcardio Digitize, a product that emphasises the digitisation aspect of PMcardio. This innovation caters to clients and cases where full-scale diagnostics aren’t a necessity, thereby broadening our reach and reinforcing our dedication to a more digital-centric healthcare environment.

📰 Publications Validating PMcardio

Our research efforts have been met with significant recognition this year, resulting in 9 published abstracts and 3 comprehensive studies. This includes an external independent validation study published in Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal and contributions to esteemed journals like the European Heart Journal – Digital Health and the Journal of Electrocardiology. Notably, these publications not only highlight the robust performance of PMcardio and the Queen of Hearts model but also serve as a testament to the validation of PMcardio’s effectiveness in clinical settings.

🌍 European Expansion and Gearing Up for the U.S. Market

Our vision of transforming cardiovascular care took a significant leap forward as we expanded operations across 16 European countries. The anticipation builds as we await FDA certification, a crucial step towards bringing our innovative solutions to the United States. This expansion will mark a new chapter in our mission to redefine cardiovascular care globally.

🫀 First Showcase at World’s Biggest Cardiology Event

Showcasing PMcardio and the newest Queen of Hearts OMI AI Model at the annual ESC Congress 2023 was a proud moment for our team. It was a unique opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our clinical assistant to the world’s leading cardiology experts. In addition, we took the stage to present several aspects of PMcardio and our collaborative research with esteemed institutions like the Cardiology Center Aalst and the University of Naples. The PMcardio booth turned into a lively hub for sparking discussions, sharing insights, and connecting with the global cardiology community.

🇺🇸 A Global Presence at AHA 2023

Our debut at the AHA (American Heart Association) 2023 conference marked a major leap onto the global stage. This event offered a prime opportunity to engage with the cardiology community overseas. Highlighted by an abstract presentation from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Herman, it was a platform to exchange insights, share ideas, and build new connections.

🏥 R&D Partnership with Cardiovascular Center Aalst

In our 2023 milestones, a standout achievement was forming a research and development partnership with the world-renowned Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst in Belgium. This union is pivotal for researching new modules to expand PMcardio’s AI-powered ECG capabilities in the early detection of Heart Failure, Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), and predictive diagnostics, marking a new era in cardiac diagnostics and patient care.

🌐 Engaging Webinars with Global Healthcare Professionals

Hosting our first series of webinars was a new venture for us, allowing us to engage with thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide. These webinars have been instrumental in educating and connecting with our community, and we are looking forward to hosting many more in 2024.

2023: A Year of Milestones for Powerful Medical
2023: A Year of Milestones for Powerful MedicalAs we look towards 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the support of our community, the dedication of our team, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Here’s to continuing our journey in innovation, growth, and making a real difference in cardiovascular care!

🏆 Achievements and Awards

Winning the SME (Small and Mid-Cap Europe) Award 2023 for innovation and securing the Venture Capital Deal of the Year Award represented significant milestones for our team. These awards highlight PMcardio’s impact as a medical device and acknowledge Powerful Medical’s role as an innovator in AI. They also show the strong belief investors have in our vision and mission.

2023: A Year of Milestones for Powerful Medical
2023: A Year of Milestones for Powerful Medical

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Powerful Medical

Powerful Medical leads one of the most important shifts in modern medicine by augmenting human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.
Powerful Medical leads one of the most important shifts in modern medicine by augmenting human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence. Our primary focus is on cardiovascular diseases, the world’s leading cause of death.
About PMcardio:

PMcardio is the market leader in AI-powered diagnostics, addressing the world’s leading cause of death – cardiovascular diseases. The innovative clinical assistant empowers healthcare professionals to detect up to 40 cardiovascular diseases. In the form of a smartphone application, the certified Class IIb medical device interprets any 12-lead ECG image in under 5 seconds to provide accurate diagnoses and individualized treatment recommendations tailored to each patient.

About Powerful Medical:

Established in 2017, Powerful Medical has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We are a medical company backed by 28 world-class cardiologists and led by our expert Scientific Board with decades of experience in daily patient care, clinical research, and medical devices. The results of our research are implemented, developed, certified, and brought to market by our 50+ strong interdisciplinary team of physicians, data scientists, AI experts, software engineers, regulatory specialists, and commercial teams.

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