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How to use PMcardio-edu

1 October, 2021
2 min read

As a company that innovates healthcare through technology, we deeply care about the efficiency of medicine. We acknowledge the transition into a new digital environment might bring additional steps to the already overcrowded responsibilities of a healthcare professional. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide to the successful digitization of an ECG to ease the learning curve.

Once you download PMcardio-edu from the App Store or Google Play Store, you have to complete a simple registration process to access the app’s functionality.


Follow two rules

After a successful login, a new report has only two critical rules to follow for correct digitization. Match your report with the proper format of ECG, present the image in a horizontal position, and you are set up for the proper usage.


Choose a correct ECG format

When using the PMcardio-edu for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select the format of an ECG. Make sure that the format – lead count and placement – matches the format of your ECG recording.


If you encounter a different type of ECG, you can change the selected format anytime with the “Change format” button located in the top right corner.


If you have the 12-lead ECG printed on multiple pages, you can select a format to upload numerous images per report. Make sure to scan one ECG recording per one report in PMcardio only – even if your ECG has multiple pages! We currently don’t support multiple ECGs per patient.


Rotate the image to the correct position

After saving the format and taking a picture, make sure the image used for the digitization is presented in a horizontal position. You can rotate the image in the app through the button in the bottom menu.


The correct rotation of the uploaded image should be as presented below.


Unlock the full potential of ECG

Once ECG is successfully uploaded, the last step is to fill in necessary data about the patient to get the most accurate recommendations for personalized patient management.

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